BYOD iPad Program

Our Lady Star of the Sea operates a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad program from Years 3-6. We highly value engaging and rich learning experiences through effective technology integration and hope to promote and advance critical skills of creativity, collaboration, communicating and problem solving, essential skills for 21st century learners. We believe that a BYOD approach can help empower students and their growth as learners.

Some student thoughts about BYOD and their learning......

**Parent Program information

BYOD parent info 2022

BYOD required apps 2021 (*Yr 5 & 6 only)

BYOD information booklet

iPads in Education - some intersting articles

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iPads at home - Some helpful parenting information

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Screen time monitoring apps

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Some useful resources relating to Cyber Safety

Student Internet and iPad user agreement

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner –

Kids Helpline –
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Tune in not out –
Reachout –
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Technical help and instructions

Apple ID for a child via Family Sharing

Apple ID and Family Sharing

Setting parental restrictions

All about iPad settings

Creating a Google account

Safe Searching in Google

Safe Searching in Youtube